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Legal risks of corporate blogs

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Legal risks of corporate blogs

Many people today write blogs for fun, as a hobby or for the sake of self-promotion. Companies have recognized the potential of blogs, and corporations around the world use it for different purposes. Corporate blogs are useful for marketing, establishing more personal relationship with customers and facilitating communication with current and potential clients. However, despite the advantages of these blogs, there are some potential risks of corporate blogging. In order to avoid legal liability, company owners should pay attention to several aspects of blogging.

Intellectual property – one of the most common mistakes bloggers make is using copyrighted material without permission. New blogs are more likely to do so, because they are still building the content and they often use linking and copying. Nowadays it is not difficult to discover plagiarized content, and if you get discovered, you may face legal consequences due to copyright infringement. Therefore, if you want to use someone else’s material in your blog, make sure to ask the blog owner for permission. This refers to all types of content, from images and video material, to textual content

 Personal blogs of employees – many companies encourage their employees to run personal blogs in order to further promote the company. This can sometimes lead to privacy-related risks. Employees may be legally liable if they discover personal information about their co-workers or their employees. They can be proven legally liable for other torts, and it draws legal responsibility of the company in case it gets proven that the blog originated in the company. Therefore, company owners and executives need to review the blogs of their employees in order to act timely if something needs to be corrected.

Inadvertent disclosure of information – inadvertent disclosure refers to revealing confidential information about the company. This mistake often happens when employees are encouraged to run personal blogs. This does not only put legal liability on the blog writer, but can also jeopardize the company’s status. The solution is giving employees clear guidelines if they are to write blogs. The company executives should clearly state which information should not be published under any circumstances, and it will help protect both the blog creators and the company.

Sponsorship – when sponsoring your company of a particular product in your blog, you risk potential exposure to defamation claims. Creating and publishing defamatory statements can lead to serious legal consequences for the company, and also cause bad reputation. When promoting your company’s products and services, make sure to focus on true statements and on your company only. This means two things. First, avoid misleading statements and false advertising of the products and services. And second, do not under any circumstances undermine your competitors and create false and derogative statements about their products or services.

Collecting personal information – some corporate blogs collect personal information from their visitors. Companies owning such blogs need to keep track with legal and regulatory framework concerning privacy and data protection. In case you fail to protect the visitors’ personal data, you may face severe legal consequences.


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Every once and a while, we or some of our friends and family find themselves in some legal matter, and these moments are the ones when legal aid is simply necessary. Good advice is precious, and a good solicitor can lead you out of a complicated legal mess and save you valuable time and money, and also spare you from a few headaches too. However, it is not always easy to obtain the services of a good legal adviser, and not all lawyers are the same. We all want the best possible attorney for our case, but various factors can be at play here, and the mission of finding a perfect lawyer to suit your needs can be a tricky one. But, with the help of friends and some light research – even this task can be successfully completed in a very short time frame, and your legal matter can start moving in the right direction.

Usually, people look for lawyers in a phone book or by searching the Internet, but none of these methods is exceptionally successful. The best course of action, according to most experts, is to talk with friends, colleagues or family, and to obtain information and referrals about lawyers who could perhaps suit your needs. Word of mouth maintains to be one of the best advertising methods, and your close ones will usually work in your best interest and give you honest and reliable information. After you collect those personal recommendations and references, the process of research can start for real.

Research is important since it provides you with the chance to learn more about the lawyers in question, and by going through their biographies, profiles, and similar stuff, you can examine their credentials and check the history of their previous cases. Additionally, you can see if the attorney is specialized in the field that you need him to be since lawyers often concentrate on one particular field. Finding a solicitor that has enough experience and expertise in the field that you need is a jackpot, and if this step is performed right – your chances of winning the case will immediately rise.

Once you check all the necessary information about the lawyer, you have to schedule a consultation, which is an introductory meeting, and this first session is usually free of charge, although same lawyers charge a small fee for consultation as well. During this meeting, you should monitor the behavior of the attorney, and if he or she acts suspicious or not professional enough – move on to the next option on your list. It is imperative that the lawyer is honest and understanding, and that you establish a good communication from the first moment. The feeling of trust is the most important thing in a relationship between an attorney and his client, and that is why you should always pay attention to even the smallest of details during your first meeting in person. If the feeling is good and you are satisfied with the attorney – your case could be completed in a very short period.

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